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Educare - The Best School ERP System

Zimong has developed one of the most unique and user-friendly school ERP software named “Educare“. It is an integrated software so, we provide a one-stop solution to all of your difficulties. You can simply and successfully manage your school’s day-to-day operations.

Zimong proudly presents "Educare," recognized as the best school ERP software and school management system in the industry. With Educare, we offer a comprehensive solution to streamline school operations and foster effective school management. This integrated software serves as a one-stop ERP solution for all your school's needs, ensuring that administrators, teaching and non-teaching staff, students, and parents can access relevant information and functions on a unified platform. The role-based school management system allows for complete configurability of permissions and access rights, making Educare the ultimate choice for those seeking the best school ERP software and school management software to navigate the complexities of educational institutions seamlessly.... We offer the finest of technology to you in order to bring all of the people involved in school, whether academic or non-academic onto one platform. All members of the school community, including cschool management administrators, teaching and non-teaching staff, students, and parents, have access to appropriate information & functions, and because it is a role-based platform, permissions and access vary according to the role and are completely configurable.Our "Educare" student management system or school ERP software tool focuses on managing student-related information and activities within an educational institution. A student management system is designed to efficiently handle tasks such as student enrollment, registration, attendance tracking, academic performance monitoring, and communication with parents. Our Best School ERP software allows schools to maintain accurate records of student data, track their progress, and generate reports to assess their academic performance. A student management system not only simplifies administrative tasks but also promotes effective communication between students, teachers, and parents, ultimately contributing to a better learning experience for students. Read more

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School ERP Modules

Educare is created in such a manner that you may receive a comprehensive solution from the entry to the departure or even beyond that for the student or any staff member. Our school ERP software is recognized as the best in the industry. Educare is not just a school ERP software; it is a complete school management system. We understand the intricate needs of educational institutions, and our software is tailored to meet these requirements comprehensively. Whether you're a student, a teacher, or administrative staff, Educare offers solutions that extend beyond the classroom. From student records and exam management to finance and resource allocation, our school management system empowers you to handle every aspect of school life seamlessly.It has over 40 modules, each of which serves a particular purpose and has its own set of features and benefits. These modules will make your job easier than it has ever been before. Overall, we can claim that you will be able to find solutions to all of your problems on a single platform.

Students Management System

Enquiry Management (enquiry, follow-ups, capture enquiries from multiple platforms)

Registration (online/offline registration, option to collect registration fee, registration admit Card, scholarship test, merit List, available seats alert etc.)

Student Management (admission, student profile, documents, print & export, promote & demote, stuck off)

Student 360 Degree View (complete student detail i.e. student profile, attendance, academic detail, fee detail, class test analysis, exam result and performance etc. on single page.)

Birthday and Anniversary Reminder (student birthday, parents anniversary & birthday reminder)

Student Attendance (mark attendance, integrated with RFID & biometric machine, leave application, daily & monthly report, n days continuous absent report)

PTM Attendance (schedule PTM, mark PTM attendance, parents remarks on PTM etc.)

Student Remarks System (enter students observation, whole session observation storage)


Staff Information System

Staff Management (complete staff profile, print & export, documents, qualification, experience & certifications etc.)

Staff Attendance (biometric integration, leave management, daily & monthly report, late comers report.)

Recruitment (open/close vacancy, online job apply, selection process, resume bank.)

Birthday and Anniversary Reminder (staff’s birthday and anniversary reminder)

Staff Training (submit training certificates, hour-based reports)

Academic Management

Live Class (integrated with multiple platforms, schedule class, student attendance report, teacher attendance report, performance analysis etc.)

Assignments (create assignment with time-bound, accept assignment from Student and Submit after checking assignment online to student.)

Homework (upload through excel, sms integration, homework not uploaded alert etc.) Classwork (upload through excel, sms integration)

Class Test (schedule test and upload marks, performance report, sms integration)

Question Bank (upload questions, prepare question bank subject, chapter/topic wise, difficulty level, generate random question paper from question bank.)

Online Test (schedule test, resume test, test analysis)

Time table (upload time table, teacher wise & class wise print, period adjustment, free teachers and teacher performance report).

Examination (customized exam structure, marks entry through excel, school specific report card formats, class wise marks sheet with percentage and rank)

Downloads (upload syllabus, date sheet, sample question papers, study material class wise etc.)

Lesson Plan (prepare lesson plan, syllabus coverage report, notebook checking)

Sitting Plan (seating arrangement plan for all classes during examination)



Library Manager (import books though excel, issue/return book, defaulter List, fine rule, barcode integration)

Inventory (purchase, issue/return item, sale register, damage register, stock Register)

Gate Pass (generate gate pass, instant notification with Image, optional otp approval etc.)

Visitor Pass (generate visitor pass, optional otp approval, welcome message to visitor, alert to concern person etc.)

Vehicle Management (vehicle list, vehicle documents, contract/hired vehicle management, vehicle maintenance, helpers & drivers, fuel log, vehicle out pass, vehicle inspection, expense summary, distance and fuel average report, maintenance & document reminders etc.)

Route Management (manage routes, pick points, pick point wise fee, route assignment to student and Staff, route attendance, route wise sms etc.)

Communication (bulk sms, two way communication, circulars, notices, news, alerts)

Events & Gallery (upload school calendar, photo, video, media gallery)

Id Card Design (design student/staff Id Card as per school requirement, parents id card design, bus Pass design, admit card (based on fee also) etc.)

Documents & Certificates (student certificates i.e. character certificate,bona-fide certificate, fee certificates, admission forms, registration forms and many more, staff certificates offer letter, joining letter, experience letter, bona-fide certificate and many more, dues certificate etc.)

Achievements (maintain school, student & staff achievements, highlight exam toppers, manage school activity achievers etc.)

Ticket System (student & staff can apply for Issue, complaint, feedback, Request (TC, section change, transport change, fee promise etc.), approval process, assign to responsible person, reminder, track pending tickets etc.)

Login & Security (role permission and user permission setup, class wise access, otp based login, ip based login, pending app downloads etc.)

Reports & Analysis (various detailed reporting for every module, single page dashboards for every module, reports are downloadable in excel and pdf both formats etc.)

Branch Model (multiple branch support system on a single click)

Finance Management System

Fee Manager (customized fee structure, student concession, fee receipt print, online fee payment, late fine, defaulter list, fee collection report, fee reminder)

Accounts (payments, receipts, bank voucher, journal voucher, day book, cash book, bank book, trail balance, profit & loss, balance sheet)

HR Payroll (customized salary structure, unlimited salary components, integration with accounts & attendance, generate salary, re-imbursements, loans, advances, pay slip, disburse salary, pf esi tds and other payroll reports)

Finance Management System

Few Tick Tock Points About Our Best School ERP Software

As we indicated in the last section, our School ERP software has many modules, but here are a few that can help you save time. We began developing these erp modules in order to finish the extensive task in the shortest amount of time possible, which we gladly accomplished. You may now finish your lengthy and difficult assignment in a matter of minutes as we mentioned below.

Full School Attendance

in just 2 minutes

Homework Upload

in just 10 minutes

Period Adjustment

in just 5 minutes

Question Paper Generation

in just 10 minutes

Examination Sitting

in just 10 minutes

Report Card Generation

in just 30 minutes

Generate Fee Challan

in just 5 minutes

Salary Generation

in just 30 minutes

Benefits of Our School ERP Software

Zimong Educare has been designed from the ground up to be used by the whole institution, not just the office. with modules for administrators, teachers, front office and parents, we allow your institution to maximise the potential of your data. Zimong Educare has been designed from the ground up to be used by the whole institution, not just the office. with modules for administrators, teachers, front office and parents, we allow your institution to maximise the potential of your data.School ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software offers numerous benefits to educational institutions, helping them streamline their administrative processes and enhance overall efficiency. School ERP software allows for centralized storage and management of student and staff data, attendance records, grades, and other important information. This reduces the risk of data loss and makes information retrieval faster and more accurate. School ERP... software automates routine administrative tasks such as timetable scheduling, fee collection, and payroll processing. This frees up staff time and reduces the likelihood of human errors. Parents can access their child 's academic progress, attendance, and school announcements through the school ERP system, fostering better communication between parents and teachers. Schools can efficiently manage their resources, including classrooms, libraries, and equipment, by using best school ERP software. This helps in optimizing resource allocation and utilization. School ERP systems are equipped with robust security measures to protect sensitive student and staff data. Access to information is restricted based on user roles and permissions. Best School ERP software can scale to accommodate the needs of growing institutions, ensuring that it remains a valuable tool as the school expands. Many school ERP systems allow for customization to suit the unique requirements of each educational institution, ensuring that it aligns with their specific workflows and processes. Teachers can use school ERP software to plan their lessons, schedule exams, and manage assignments, helping them make the most of their time. Read more

Management is responsible for an institution’s progress, which implies they can’t let go of anything. “Accounts & Finance” is the most significant service that Educare delivers to management. Our system allows you to keep a tight eye on all of the institute’s finances and accounts, ensuring that there is no room for error. With a few rounds of fingers, you’ll be able to observe the institute’s whole financial flow easily.
Educare has been designed in such a manner that management will be able to oversee the entire institute without having to enter it. You will have entire control over your institute, including students, staff attendance, performance, salary distribution, academics, and finance, among other things. We make certain that management has access to all of the information that they are entitled to without any problem.
Educare supplies you with a comprehensive “Management Information System” via which you may track your institute’s progress and other important elements. We give you access to all of your prior and current data reports and records, making comparisons simple. You’ll be able to readily track admissions growth, expansion, reach, finance etc.
Along with making good decisions, it’s important that you utilize all your recourses in an optimized way, especially the manpower in order to be successful. Educare makes it simple to track the performance of all of your employees, both academic and non-academic. You’ll be able to monitor how productive your employees are and which position is best for them. It will assist you in making fine judgments that will help the institute to grow.
It is the admin’s responsibility to keep the institute running smoothly and to do the lengthy chores efficiently, which we understand is not simple. As a result, Educare offers the best management software available, reducing the time it takes to complete lengthy tasks and assisting administrators in finishing huge projects as soon as possible.
Educare offers the greatest task management software, allowing administrators to give important tasks to employees along with due dates and specifications. An administrator may simply keep a record of tasks and track the performance of each individual using this software. It also ensures that you do not forget any of the jobs and ensure that the work will be completed to the highest standard.
Educare allows an administrator to keep track of all real-time data. If we speak specifically, he or she will be able to keep track of Library book issuing/submissions, staff IN/OUT times, fee received times, and due dates with time stamps. Our system collects data automatically, which you may view at any moment.
An administrator has tons of duties, and it is possible that he or she may lose track and forget essential dates such as inspections, renewals, payments, and checkings. Educare values every minor task, which is why our system provides reminders and notifications to administrators on a regular basis so that they don’t miss anything vital.
Our programme is set up in such a manner that teachers may boost their productivity on their own. It enables you to effortlessly and successfully organise all of your daily tasks, such as homework, student attendance, class tests, lectures, exams, and much more.
Educare allows you to view and control your entire schedule on your own, including Timetables, Lectures, and Adjustments. Another important thing that you can do quickly is “Lesson Plan.” You will be able to plan your lessons, which outline the content of your courses step by step and this will be useful for students to plan their learning accordingly.
Communication has always been a key component of success. As a result, we equip you with the greatest communication system so that you may keep in touch with your parents at all times. You may offer daily feedback on a student’s performance, establish a two-way conversation with parents, and quickly present to them the progress of their ward on a regular basis.
All teachers are well aware of the quote that “All students can learn and succeed, but not in the same way and not on the same day”. Our technology allows teachers to analyse each student’s performance in detail. As a teacher, you should be aware of a student’s performance so that you may work with them to improve their performance and provide a stronger foundation for their future and that is what in which we help you.
In today’s world, you can’t afford to overlook any responsibility or duty that has been allocated to you, which is why Educare offers the finest task management system, which allows you to view all of the duties and responsibilities that have been assigned to you by the institute.